job vacancy RSUD Cileungsi in 2020

The Cileungsi Regional General Hospital (hereinafter abbreviated as "RSUD Cileungsi") is one of the hospitals owned by the Bogor Regency Government and is a hospital with a full Regional Public Service Agency (PPK - BLUD) Financial Management Pattern. RSUD Cileungsi has carried out the 2012 Version Hospital Accreditation Assessment Survey by the Hospital Accreditation Committee (KARS) and has passed the Prime level. To illustrate the development of RSUD Cileungsi services, a 2017 annual report was made in the form of a profile, which contains developments in health services, human resources, facilities and infrastructure from 2015 - 2017.


RSUD Cileungsi began to be built in stages from 2010 to 2012, through the source of financial assistance for West Java Province. Has a land area of ??38,970 m2 and a building area of ??12,257 m2, divided into three main buildings, each with two floors and supporting buildings. Building "A" functions for specialist outpatient installations, emergency departments, pharmacy and office installations, building "B" functions for specialist installation services, laboratory installations, radiology installations, central surgical installations, intensive care units, perinatology installations, and buildings " C ”has a special function for internal medicine, surgery, child health, obstetrics and gynecology patients. Before becoming a class C Cileungsi Hospital, it still had the status of UPT Puskesmas Cileungsi, Bogor District Health Office.


  • Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia, devoted to God Almighty, loyal and obedient to Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, and have high integrity towards the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia;
  • Have good character and have never been sentenced to prison or imprisonment based on a court decision that has permanent legal force (proven by SKCK upon acceptance);
  • Not domiciled as a Candidate for Civil Servants / Civil Servants, TNI / POLRI (proven by a personal statement upon receipt);
  • Have never been dishonorably dismissed at your own request as a Non PNS employee / private employee (proven by a personal statement upon receipt);
  • Have the appropriate education, skills, expertise and skills;
  • Not tattooed and pierced for male applicants,
  • Willing to be placed in a specified formation;
  • Not only members and / administrators of political parties in accordance with applicable regulations;
  • Able to operate computer, at least an office program (MS-Word, Fxel or the like
  • Applicants come in person.
  • Attach the Health Test Results (MCU) for the last 3 months from the Government Hospital (Ro Thorax, Complete Blood, SGOT.SGPT.HbsAg.Gds).
  • Drug Free (after passing the test)


  • Application letter :
    • Handwritten using black ink on lined folio paper or using a computer,
    • Addressed to the Director of CILEUNGSI Hospital, Bogor Regency
    • Include personal identity (name, place, date of birth, education, clear address / residence and telephone number that is easily contacted) and the formation of the position being applied for;
    • The application letter is accompanied by administrative documents according to special requirements.
    • All application files are put in a brown envelope:
    • Application files are submitted to the Admissions committee.
      • General Region Cileungsi Bogor Regency no later than:
      • 21, December 2020, 09.00 to 15.00 WIB
    • Application files that enter past the specified time limit are not accepted.