job vacancy PT Light Rail Transit Jakarta (LRT Jakarta)

The Jakarta Integrated Railroad Project or abbreviated as LRT Jakarta is a fast transportation system by light rail (LRT) which is planned to be built in Jakarta, Indonesia. There are 2 LRT initiators in Jakarta, the DKI Pemprov who will build an inner city LRT under the name LRT Jakarta and PT Adhi Karya which will build an LRT connecting Jakarta with its surrounding cities under the name LRT Jabodebek.

For LRT Jakarta, Human Resources are one of the most important assets and the main factor that determines the success of the company. LRTJ fosters long-term working relationships with its employees, a sense of community between employees and the company to jointly realize a sustainable career path. LRTJ has the ambition to develop into a modern public railway transportation service provider by prioritizing the principles of smart mobility to make Jakarta a city with a smart city concept.

The existence of the LRTJ will also increase the interconnection between public transportation routes in the DKI Jakarta area so that between modes can be integrated with each other. The dynamics of sustainable transportation business growth, of course LRTJ needs to prioritize the role and development of human resources as one of its main priorities. LRTJ will endeavor to improve the quality of LRTJ's human resources so that they can contribute and develop themselves optimally.

Currently PT LRT Jakarta is re-opening new job vacancies in December 2020. Below are the positions currently available for you job seekers who are interested in developing your career with PT LRT Jakarta with the following qualifications.

Job Vacancies at PT Light Rail Transit Jakarta (LRT Jakarta)

1. Operation Control Center Supervisor


  1. Education min. S1 Engineering or equivalent
  2. Have experience & expertise in the field of Telecommunications or Transportation science for min. 2 years
  3. Willing to work in shifts
  4. Can work with teams and be good at solving problems that are effective, efficient and procedural
2. First Aid Staff


  1. Education min. D3 / S1 Nursing
  2. Having experience as a nurse min. 2 years
  3. Have a valid Registration Certificate (STR)
  4. Have BTCLS / PPGD certification
  5. Hiperkes certification
  6. Understand well the handling when a work accident occurs (First Aid)
3. Electric Power Traction Supervisor


  1. Education min. D3 Electrical Engineering or Railroad Electrical Engineering (Strong Current)
  2. Experienced min. 5 years in the field of railways or electro-strong currents and traction
  3. Accustomed to inspection and maintenance of medium voltage and traction electrical systems
  4. Have experience in operating test equipment such as Insulation resistance test, digital low resistance ohmeter, secondary injection and others
  5. Have high initiative and have a leadership spirit
  6. Have an understanding related to K3
4. Path and Building Supervisor


  1. Education min. D3 Railways / Civil / Machinery
  2. Experienced min. 5 years in the railroad sector
  3. Able to plan the maintenance work of the elevated track and building system
  4. Have good technical skills regarding materials and structural analysis
  5. Accustomed to making technical work reports and able to read working drawings
  6. Have the ability to operate equipment for material and structural analysis
  7. Able to work in teams and individually, have initiative and have a leadership spirit
  8. Have an understanding related to K3