job vacancy PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC)

PT KCIC is part of Indonesian society to build more than just transportation and offer more than just business by creating harmonization and combination of transportation and regional integration in a sustainable manner. Established in October 2015, PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC) is a joint venture between a consortium of agencies Indonesian State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) through PT Pilar Sinergi BUMN Indonesia (PSBI) and a consortium of Chinese railway companies through Beijing Yawan HSR Co. Ltd, with the main business in the public transportation sector with a business to business (B2B) scheme. Present to develop the country's railroad mass transportation infrastructure, PT KCIC is currently the owner of the Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train project, which is one of the Indonesian government's National Strategic Projects (PSN) in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 3/2016.

In addition to developing public transportation infrastructure, PT KCIC also strives to support increased community productivity along the fast train route through the development of integrated areas or Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in each station area, namely Halim, Karawang, Walini, and Tegalluar. The TOD concept combined with the fast train is believed to be able to increase the ease of regional access, so as to accelerate the economic growth of the surrounding area.

1. Traine Driver (Machinist)
2. Technician EMU Maintenance
3. Technician Permanent Way Maintenance
4. Technician Communication Maintenance
5. Technician Signal Maintenance
6. Technician Power Supply Maintenance
7. Technician Heavy Machinery Maintenance
9. Passenger Service

General Requirements

  1. Minimum education Diploma / Bachelor's or equivalent in all majors (preferably majoring in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and civil engineering) Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
  2. Minimum GPA of 2.75
  3. Having experience running a train locomotive or as a KRL driver is an added value
  4. Healthy physically and spiritually
  5. Do not have a history of minus eyes (farsightedness / farsightedness)
  6. Have an interest in working in the railroad sector
  7. Active in social and student organization activities
  8. have good analitic
  9. Be thorough, disciplined and responsible
  10. Able to work individually and in teams
  11. Active self-development
  12. Have an interest in working in the railroad sector
  13. Active in social and student organization activities
  14. have good analitic
  15. Thorough, disciplined and responsible
  16. Able to work individually and in teams
  17. Active self-development


  1. Physically and spiritually healthy and not color blind and no minus eyes (Train Driver)
  2. Minimum height 165cm


  1. Curiculum Vitae (complete with recent photograph)
  2. Scan of diploma / SKL
  3. Scan Transcript of Value
  4. Scan of KTP
  5. Other supporting documents