job vacancy PT Avia Avian (Avian Brands)

B ermula in 1962 Soetikno Tanoko started its business from a paint shop in Malang. Nobody expected that this small paint shop was the forerunner of PT. Avia Avian. By taking advantage of the paint industry conditions that depended on imports at that time, Soetikno innovated to mix limited paint colors into a variety of colors that were of interest to his customers. PT Avia Avian first started operating in 1978 in Sidoarjo, East Java. As a local paint producer in a paint market dominated by foreign players. The Avian brand was born in 1978 from the extensive research and development of its founders.

PT Avia Avian is the only paint manufacturer that applies an integrated system at every stage of its production and is one of the leading paint manufacturers in Indonesia. We produce a number of well-known paint brands, such as Avian (Quality Wood & Iron Paint), Avitex (Wall Paint of the Greatest Pride), and No Drop (Leak-Proof Paint).

Management Trainee


  1. Men
  2. Max. 25 years
  3. Education min. S1 All majors
  4. Having experience in the Manufacturing Industry is preferred
  5. Have good leadership and mentoring skills
  6. Dynamic, creative and have good interpersonal skills
  7. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
  8. Placement for the Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Cirebon, Tuban and Serang areas