job vacancy PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI) is a subsidiary of Chevron in charge of exploring oil in Riau. Before being taken over by Chevron, this company was called Caltex Pacific Indonesia. CPI employees are assigned to 4 cities in Riau, namely Dumai, Duri, Minas and Rumbai. CPI is also the largest contractor oil company in Indonesia, with production reaching 2 billion barrels.

CPI was first established in Indonesia in early 1924. Standard Oil Company of California (Socal) and Texas Oil Company (Texaco) formed a joint venture company in Sumatra, named NV Nederlandsche Pacific Petroleum Maatschappij or NPPM. The company found a non-productive oil well which was eventually closed. In 1944, NPPM geologists Richard H. Hopper and Toru Oki and their team discovered the largest oil well in Southeast Asia, Minas. This well was originally named Minas No. 1. Minas is famous for its Sumatra Light Crude (SLC) oil which is good and has a low sulfur content.


Currently PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia opens the latest job vacancies in December 2020. Below are the positions currently available to you job seekers who are interested in developing your career with PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia with the following qualifications.


Job Vacancies at PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

1. Drilling & Work Over Well Service Representative (DWOWSR)

Job description

  1. Managing day-to-day drilling/workover/well service operation activities of rig contractor personnel and business partners to execute the approved well program in a safe and efficient manner.
  2. Ensure well program execution as per applicable standards/requirements. Identify potential deviation and ensure all required processes are followed prior to continue the operation. Working in a team environment to ensure the safety of all personnel on location and compliance with all applicable regulations.
  3. Provide accurate daily reports and cost controls.This will be direct contract with Chevron that less than 1 year.
  4. Working in a team environment to ensure the safety of all personnel on location and compliance with all applicable regulations.


  1. Experience minimum 5 years in Drilling and Completion related operations
  2. Minimum bachelor’s Degree with GPA: 3.0 in Petroleum engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
  3. Experience working as Drilling Eng./Completion Eng. or Drilling & Workover supervisor would be an advantage / preferred.
  4. Excellent in communication and interpersonal skill
  5. Excellence in establish effective relationships with multicultural people in diverse organization
  6. Excellence to demonstrate the highest standard of integrity and ethical conduct, and to build & maintain trust, respect and support others
  7. Fluent in English (verbal and written communication) and computer literacy
  8. Have minimum TOEFL: 500 with certified from recognized institution
  9. Having valid APB/APS, IADC/IWCF certification will be an advantage
  10. Ready for rotation leave : 14 days ON / 14 days OFF or based on company regulation, with air ticket provided based on company guideline.
  11. Have willingness to be relocated to all Company operations locations in Indonesia.
2. Operation Representative – Submersible Pumping System

Job description

  1. Support the operations of SPS, responsible for SPS well surveillance, pump sizing and installation, monitoring & improving SPS reliability.
  2. Having hands on experience with ESP design, ESP dismantle, inspection and failure Analysis (DIFA).


  1. Has job experience minimum 4 years with 3 years working experience in ESP System
  2. D3 Engineering Degree (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical). GPA min. 2.75
  3. Have experience in ESP design, ESP dismantle, inspection and failure Analysis (DIFA).
  4. Able to work with support groups and peers with multiple reporting relationships.
  5. Able to interface and work with various cultures and stakeholder involved with the project
  6. Have a good leadership and communication (writing and oral), both in Bahasa and English.
  7. This position will be located in Minas, Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Work Location: Riau