job vacancy PT SiCepat Ekspres Indonesia

SiCepat is a shipping company since 2004 covering air and land transportation. With the motto 'Your Delivery is Our Priority', we are committed to being a trusted partner, especially for online and e-commerce businesses throughout Indonesia. With a vision and mission to be the best in their field. SiCepat's business activity area currently includes transportation for Air and Land. Currently we already have 15 branches and 15 representatives spread across the archipelago and will increase along with our growth. Our motto is Your Delivery is Our Priority, where with this motto we will develop and advance in line with the trust of our customers that we maintain.

1. Call Center
2. Staff Tax
3. Staff Accounting
4. Spv Budget & Inventory Analyst
5. Billing & Collection Staff
6. Staff Business Solutions
7. Sales Corporate
8. Spv Operational Line Haul
9. Creative Design
10. Digital Analyst Specialist


11. Sort Machine Technician
12. UI / UX Lead
13. IT Database Administrator
14. Head of Product
15. QA Engineering Software
16. Senior Odoo Developer
17. Senior Product Manager
18. Technician Lead Backend
19. Spv HR Employee Relations
20. HR Industrial Relations Staff
21. GA Building Staff
22. HR Training Staff
23. GA Warehouse staff