job vacancy PT TEMAS Tbk

Established in Jakarta on September 17, 1987, PT Tempuran Emas is the first company in Indonesia to pioneer shipping containerized goods by sea. The Company is very superior and qualified in container transportation services and container loading and unloading services and their management on a national scale. This is further strengthened by strong support from subsidiaries and affiliates. The Company's journey in this business has matured, with the inauguration of a new milestone in 2003 through the declaration of TEMAS Line as a public company. By listing its name on the stock exchange with the code TMAS, the Company offered as many as 451,000,000 shares on June 25, 2003. So, officially as of July 9, 2003,

Currently PT Pelayaran Tempuran Emas Tbk is re-opening new job vacancies in December 2020. Below are the positions currently available to you job seekers who are interested in developing your career with PT Pelayaran Tempuran Emas Tbk with the following qualifications.


Job Vacancies at PT TEMAS Tbk

1. Warehouse Coordinator - Heavy Equipment

Job description

  1. Build and create a good team work atmosphere in the warehouse
  2. Responsible for and monitoring operational activities and delivery of goods
  3. Planning a picket schedule for the warehouse team and standby diesel fuel
  4. Ensure that the goods received by the user and sent by the vendor are in good condition and complete
  5. Carry out warehouse stock taking and provide reports of incoming and outgoing goods every month
  6. Maintain and ensure the stock in the system is in accordance with the physical
  7. Ensuring SOP


  1. Men aged 28 - 45 years
  2. Minimum education background of S1 all majors (Logistics preferably)
  3. Minimum 1 year experience in the field of delivery of goods / logistics / warehouse
  4. Have good reporting skills and accuracy
  5. Placement in North Jakarta
2. MLO Management Officer

Job description

  1. Monitoring the number of Free use containers in the area, so that they are not subject to fines
  2. Communicating in the temasline group if there are problems in the Free use container monitoring
  3. Making MLO reports (Stock free use at the Temas depot: loading service)
  4. The Follow Up Free use container is intended to have returned empty to the location specified by the MLO
  5. Ensuring Free use stock for sales is fulfilled


  1. Male / Female aged 20-25 years
  2. Minimum education background of S1 all majors (Logistics preferably)
  3. Minimum 1 year experience in the field of shipping
  4. Freshgraduate are welcome to apply
  5. Have good reporting skills and accuracy
  6. Placement in North Jakarta