job vacancy PT Satria Antaran Prima Tbk (SAP Express)

SAP Express is a service company that specializes in courier, cargo and logistics, and is one of the pioneering courier services in Indonesia that uses an online system and is managed by professionals who have been engaged in their fields for decades. We provide special facilities for corporate customers, in the form of user id and log in password, which can be accessed by both single user and multi user (as needed). Besides being able to know the overall status of the shipment, this option can also be integrated with the customer information system. We equip field couriers with smart phones based on android. As an innovation, the use of the Android platform as a tool in the speed and accuracy of information on the status update of shipments after delivery, so that the status of the shipment can be immediately known in real time and online. We prepare a team that is very experienced in their field. Service customization can be analyzed and discussed together, with the hope that every customer's wishes can come true. We are continuously developing networks starting from branch offices in provincial cities and sub-branch offices throughout Indonesia, so that as much as possible we serve shipments to destinations in Indonesia.

Job Vacancies at PT Satria Antaran Prima Tbk (SAP Express)

Sub Branch Coordinator


  1. Undergraduate education in all majors (Management & Accounting preferred)
  2. Minimum 1 year experience leading a team
  3. Maximum age of 35 years
  4. Computer literate (Ms. Office, experience in Excel)


  1. Able to work under pressure
  2. Own a private vehicle
  3. Have good problem solving
  4. Have a C&A SIM
  5. Have an active SKCK
  6. Domicile in Blitar