job vacancy PT Baramulti Suksessarana Tbk

PT. Baramulti Suksessarana Tbk (BSSR) is engaged in coal mining and trading, land transportation, industry and construction. The Company started its commercial activities for trading activities in 1990. The company's coal mine entered the production stage in June 2011.

PT Baramulti Suksessarana Tbk (BSSR) offers substantial quality coal reserves and resources from its mining sites in East and South Kalimantan. BSSR has a strong commitment to stable coal production growth and infrastructure development to elevate it as one of the leading coal mining companies in Indonesia, and contribute to Indonesia's economic growth. Join us and have a bright future.



1. Safety Health Environment Superintendent (SHE_SUPT)
2. CPP Supervisor (CPP_SPV)
3. Maintenance Supervisor (MAIN_SPV)
4. Maintenance Planner Supervisor (MP_SPV)
5. Quality Control Officer (QC_OFF)
6.Mechanical Crusher & Conveyor (CRUSH & CONV_MEK)
7. Mechanical Electrical (MEK_ELCT)
8. Shipper On Board (SOB)
9. External Officer (EX_OFF)
10. General Admin / Secretary (GEN_ADM)
11. Safety Group Leader (SAFETY_GL)
12. HR Human Resources Group Leader (HR_GL)
13. General Affair Group Leader (GA_GL)
14. Warehouse Group Leader (WH_GL)
15. Maintenance Group Leader (MAIN_GL)
16. Master Loading & Jetty Group Leader (MASLOAD_GL)
17. Administration port (PORT_ADM)
18.Security (SEC)
19. Crusher & Conveyor Operators (CRUSH & CONV_OPR)
20.Driver Fuel Truck (DRIVE_FT)
21. Fuel Man (FM)
22. Crusher & Conveyor Helper (CRUSH & CONV_HELP)
23. Crusher & Conveyor Helper Mechanic (CRUSH & CONV_HELPMEK)
24. Master Loading Helper (MAS_HELP)
25. Warehouse Helper (WH_HE)

General requirement

  1. Male gender (except no. 17)
  2. Minimum work experience 3 years (no. 1), minimum 2 years (no. 2-10), minimum 1 year (no. 11-21)
  3. Minimum education S1 / Bachelor (no. 1-6), minimum D3 (no. 7-17), minimum high school (18-25)
  4. Preferably have competency / certification that is relevant in the field of each position (no. 11-11)
  5. Familiar with preparing reports related to mining licensing (no. 10)
  6. Domiciled in Bakungan & Surrounding Villages (no. 22-25), including proof of KTP & Letter of Introduction from the local village)
  7. Accustomed to using SAP
  8. Able to collaborate with teams
  9. Accustomed to working with targets and regular reports