job vacancy PT Angkut Teknologi Indonesia (Deliveree) Job Vacancies

PT Angkut Teknologi Indonesia is a smart truck platform in Indonesia and we are obsessed with reducing logistics costs for businesses and individuals. PT Angkut Teknologi Indonesia or Deliveree is a logistics provider serving last-mile, medium-distance and long-distance deliveries to major cities in Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumatra at affordable and transparent prices. This is reflected in Deliveree's mission to combat inefficiencies and unnecessary logistics costs that have persisted in the Indonesian logistics market for many years. By combining many trucking companies under its market platform, Deliveree is able to push the tariff to the lowest possible rate and make it the official rate in its application.

Fresh Graduate Associate Program

Position: Fresh Graduate Associate Program
Location: Jakarta or Surabaya
Status: Full-time career position
Benefits: Private healthcare, paid leave, 13 month bonus, and a host of amazing benefits

Job Description
Deliveree is a fast moving, rapidly growing, and very successful logistics technology company that is changing the cargo and trucking industry in Indonesia to reduce waste, grow the economy, create jobs, and make Indonesia more competitive.

We are seeking talented, ambitious, hard working, and career-minded experienced hires for our Fresh Graduate Associate Program. All majors are welcome.

You should have a keen interest in business, especially early-stage startup business, and be willing to prioritize an accelerated career as your highest priority. We believe that anything is possible if you want it badly enough and we’re looking for others who believe the same thing.

When you interview with us, you will be considered for assignment in many possible departments including: business management, digital marketing, operational excellence, supply chain management, private projects, or training. Associates are encouraged to rotate to new departments once they have mastered their current assignments (this usually takes 1 to 2 years). While we expect our associates to be mobile and able to travel, your home base will be either our Jakarta HQ or Surabaya satellite office (you should state your preference in your cover email).

If this description excites you, please read our qualification requirements below and then follow the instructions carefully under HOW TO APPLY.


  1. Undergraduate GPA 3.5 or higher (required to apply)
  2. Good English skills (TOEFL 520 or higher)
  3. Good communication skills: speaking, writing
  4. Willing to work hard to advance career
  5. Self-motivated, independent , hard working
  6. Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  7. Creative problem solving


  1. Competitive monthly salary
  2. Full private healthcare coverage
  3. Full annual paid leave
  4. 13th month bonus
  5. Mobile phone allowance
  6. Corporate Grab account
  7. Kost living sponsorship
  8. Annual payraises


Submit the below items via email to – If you submit all the required materials and your qualifications fit our search, you will hear back from us within 24 hours.

Brief cover email

  1. PDF resume
  2. Completed Pre-Interview Form
  3. Copy of your university grades