job vacancy PT Siantar Top Tbk

PT Siantar Top Tbk, was first established in 1972. As a pioneer of the snack industry in East Java, in 1996 Siantar Top was listed as a public company on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Currently, PT Siantar Top continues to develop and strengthen its position as a frontline company engaged in snack manufacturing.

PT Siantar Top has begun to expand, expanding in several Asian regions, one of which is China. As time goes by, PT Siantar Top continues to make improvements in terms of product quality so that it can be accepted by various circles. And because of the quality of its products, now various kinds of PT Siantar Top's products can be enjoyed by consumers scattered around the world.


Currently PT Siantar Top Tbk is re-opening new job vacancies in December 2020. Below are the positions currently available to you job seekers who are interested in developing your career with PT Siantar Top Tbk with the following qualifications.

Job Vacancies at PT Siantar Top Tbk

Head of the Production Team


  1. Max. 40 years
  2. Education min. SMA / SMK
  3. Experience min. 1 year as a production foreman (preferably from the food & beverage industry)
  4. Has organizational experience in the community / school (preferred)
  5. Willing to work with a shift system
  6. Monitor control, be consistent, assertive and responsible
  7. Placement in Beji Pasuruan / Waru Sidoarjo, East Java