job vacancy PT Tirta Alam Segar (Wings Food)

P T Tirta Alam Segar is a company incorporated in the Wings Group, the largest company in Indonesia which is engaged in the production of food and beverages, the characteristics of the products and foods issued by this company have been widely recognized by the wider community, some of the most famous products from this company are Ale-ale, Tea Rio, Power F, and Floridina. The WINGS Group is one of the largest and most established consumer goods manufacturers in Indonesia which focuses on laundry, household, personal care and Food & Beverage products. Due to our fast growing growth, we are currently looking for many potential professionals and people especially those experienced in the Food & Beverage Industry to be placed and trained as our next leader in the company.

As we all know that Wingsfood is one of the largest food and beverage companies in Indonesia. Wingsfood consists of several companies, one of which is PT Tirta Alam Segar. PT Tirta Alam Segar is a company that values ??the quality and performance of its employees so that career opportunities and development in this company are enormous. PT Tirta Alam Segar also holds various trainings to develop employees both internally and in collaboration with third parties. PT Tirta Alam Segar also facilitates annual recreation for employees to exacerbate relations between workers and as a means of relaxation for our employees.

Staff Recruitment


  1. Bachelor Degree from pyschology with min. GPA 3.00
  2. Understand Psychological Tools and Interview method
  3. Have experience min. 1 years as Recruitment from any industry
  4. Good communication skills, detail oriented, willing to learn, great self driven and can work independently and team
  5. Placement: Cibitung, Bekasi