job vacancy PT Dua Kelinci

PT Dua Kelinci is one of the leading food providers in Indonesia. The company's products are known as Dua Kelinci brand. The company's journey started in 1972 in Surabaya. Starting from the re-packing of crunchy peanuts labeled "Sari Gurih" which has the logo of two rabbits. With the development of the business, on July 15, 1985, PT Dua Kelinci established, which has now become the leading peanut producer in Indonesia by implementing an international standard product quality management system. This peanut re-packing business, which was founded by Mr. Ho Sie Ak and Mrs. Lauw Bie Giok in Pati, Central Java, is the forerunner to the growth of a large crunchy bean industry in Indonesia.

The development of this peanut business has increased rapidly, since 2000 the company has continued to develop products by producing variants of peanut shells, peanuts wrapped in flour, and flour-based snack products. This is in line with the development of modern technology in production equipment and machinery. Furthermore, the company develops products based on seeds or serelia. With the vision of "being the best in the food and beverage industry", the company is committed to continuously improving the quality of production by applying international standard management standards, as well as maintaining food safety and halal management. With the quality policy implemented by Dua Kelinci which provides the highest satisfaction to customers, the company continues to make innovations in order to maintain its existence.

Head Of Region Sales & Promotion


  1. Education min. S1 All majors
  2. Max. 35 years old
  3. Experience in FMCG (ASM / RSM) min. 2 years
  4. Have a leadership spirit
  5. Mastering Ms. Office
  6. Have a SIM A
  7. Willing to work placements in all Sumatra provinces