job vacancy PT Visi Citra Mitra Mulia (iNews)

i News Jakarta (previously known as TV-M, Sindo TV Jakarta and iNews TV Jakarta) is a private local television station located in Tangerang City, Indonesia. iNews TV Jakarta will become a television station that boasts fast, accurate, informative, educational and inspiring news and information programs. With local content in its programs, iNews TV Jakarta is optimistic that it can compete not only with other local televisions in the Jakarta area, but also with national television broadcasting in the city of Jakarta and its surroundings.

Currently PT Visi Citra Mitra Mulia (iNews) is re-opening new job vacancies in December 2020. Below are the positions currently available to you job seekers who are interested in developing your career with PT Visi Citra Mitra Mulia (iNews) with the following qualifications.

International Acquisition


  1. Responsible for the procurement of TV program material both from within the country and from abroad.


  1. Minimum education S1 (preferably majoring in communication science)
  2. Have 2 years experience in the same position
  3. Have good English skills (spoken and written)