job vacancy PT Cahaya Tirta Rasa (Tong Tji)

Tong Tji is one of the leading tea companies in Indonesia. Founded in 1938 in Tegal, Central Java by the late. Tan See Giam. Tong Tji is a brand name while the company name is Dua Burung Wangi Tea Company. Tong Tji as the owner of the Tong Tji Tea House and Tea Bar Brand which is engaged in the Resto & Cafe business, Tong Tji is a company that specializes in the production of Jasmine Tea (Jasmine Tea) with a product known as TONG TJI PREMIUM. Starting from just a simple home industry, the company has now become one of the largest tea producers in Indonesia. Tong Tji brand is currently a well-established brand with many loyal customers who buy-and-buy its products. The Jasmine Tea or Jasmine Tea market is well segmented with brand loyalty as a major competitive advantage. Currently, Tong Tji is famous and the staple of first choice among Jasmine Tea drinkers. Tong Tji has set an affordable price compared to their competitors, in order to be able to maintain product quality, so that this product is always the best superior.

Currently, Tong Tji is opening new job vacancies in December 2020. Below are the positions currently available for job seekers who are interested in developing your career with Tong Tji with the following qualifications.


Job Vacancies at PT Cahaya Tirta Rasa (Tong Tji)

1. Admin Accounting


  1. Man / Woman
  2. Max. 27 years
  3. Education min. S1 Accounting / Management
  4. Able to operate Ms. Office
  5. Physically and mentally healthy
  6. Enjoy high challenges and initiatives
  7. Surabaya training and placement
2. Head of Production


  1. Education min. D3 / S1 in Food Engineering, Restaurant Management, Catering
  2. Age min. 21 years
  3. Have leadership skills and are thorough
  4. Mastering sanitation, restaurants, and catering
  5. Having experience as the Head of the Kitchen will be an advantage
  6. Have experience in the same subject. 1 year
  7. Willing to be placed in Tegal (Tegal domicile takes precedence)