job vacancy Employee Admission Selection (BLUD) Kertosono Hospital Kab. Nganjuk

Kertosono Hospital, which is one of the Health Services owned by the Nganjuk Regency Government in the form of a Regional Hospital, is managed by the Regency Government and registered as a Class C Hospital. This health service has been registered since 19/10/2013 with Permit Number 503.08 / 3218 / 411.306 / 2011 and Date Permit letter 28/11/2011 from BUPATI NGANJUK with Permanent Character, and valid until November 28, 2016. After undergoing the ACCREDITATION Process for Hospitals throughout Indonesia with the Phase I (5 Services) process, finally they were given the status of Passing Hospital Accreditation. The hospital is located at Jl. Supriadi No. 29 Kertosono, Nganjuk, Indonesia.

Kertosono Hospital was originally named HVA which was founded in 1920 where at that time it only served PG Lestari employees. RSUD Kertosono was formed around 1950 because in 1948 our RSUD still occurred dualism of leadership where one of the directors was Dutch while the other was Dr. Marsono, the Kertosono Regional General Hospital was a class C hospital located in Kertosono District, Nganjuk Regency, administration is a hospital belonging to the Nganjuk Regency Government. Initially, the Kertosono Hospital building was a health service facility which aims to provide health services to its employees. During the colonial era around 1920, Hendels Vereeniging Amsterdam (HVA) a company owned by the Dutch East Indies Government which was founded at the same time as the construction of a Sustainable Sugar Factory located in Patihanrowo District. However, after the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, the Health Service Facility was taken over by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and is now under the ownership of the Nganjuk Regency Government, the health service facility was changed or developed into a hospital named Kertosono Regional General Hospital, which is located in the eastern part of Nganjuk Regency, namely in the Kertosono District.


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