job vacancy PT Saptaindra Sejati (ADARO Group)

PT Saptaindra Sejati or PT SIS is one of the most reliable and reputable contactor coal mining and transportation companies in Indonesia. As one of the largest coal mining service companies in Indonesia, PT Saptaindra Sejati (SIS) is engaged in integrated mining services with international standards for leading mining companies in Indonesia.

PT. SAPTAINDRA SEJATI (SIS), which is part of the PT Group. ADARO ENERGY Tbk, is a modern mining contractor that is growing rapidly and providing mining services and related industries in Kalimantan, with more than 7200 employees of various expertise. In accordance with current business developments, we open opportunities for those with high achievements to develop careers as potential cadres in our company.



Currently, PT Saptaindra Sejati is re-opening new job vacancies in December 2020. Below are the positions currently available to you job seekers who are interested in developing your career with PT Saptaindra Sejati with the following qualifications.

Jobs at PT Saptaindra Sejati (ADARO Group)

1. HDT operator (HD 785, CAT 777, HD 465), Code: HDT
2. Bulldozer operator (D 155, D9R, D375), Code: DZ
3. Grader Operator (GD 825, CAT 14/16 M), Code: GD
4. Trailer Operator (FH 16), Code: TR
5. HD WT (HD 785) Driver, Code: WT


  1. Max. 40 years
  2. Last education min. High school
  3. Have SIM B1 still active min. 1 year
  4. Have an active SIM B2 min. 1 year (Trailer)
  5. Physically and mentally healthy
  6. Not in the postoperative recovery period
  7. Have work experience min. 2 years according to the position applied
6.Driver Support (Wheel 10)


  1. Max. 35 years old
  2. Last education min. High school
  3. Having SIM B2 is still active min. 1 year
  4. Physically and mentally healthy
  5. Not in the postoperative recovery period
  6. Have work experience min. 2 years

Application file:

  1. Application letter
  2. Copy of last diploma
  3. Photocopy of ID card
  4. Copy of SIM
  5. Copy of Work Experience Letter
  6. Copy of Kimper
  7. Form AK-1 / Yellow Card