job vacancy PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk

As the largest industrial gas player in Indonesia, both our gas products and gas services have been widely used in various industries such as healthcare, construction, oil and natural gas, metallurgy, petrochemical, electronics, automotive and many more. Over the years, the Samator brand has been recognized as the leading industrial gas company in Indonesia. To remain number one in the gas industry, we are committed to research and development and promote the development of education, science and technology in Indonesia. Because our products and services are an integral part of various industries, we are continuously expanding our business activities to various industries, such as: chemical,  engineering  procurement and construction  (EPC ), property, automotive, health and many more. We aim to provide total solutions to our clients.

We believe that our products are essential for a variety of environmental activities. As a manufacturer of various products and services needed for a modern existence, Samator is committed to making life better for Indonesia. Therefore, in terms of human resource development, Samator is considered to be one of the most progressive companies in the country. Samator provides various kinds of allowances outside of industry norms in general.

Currently PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk is re-opening new job vacancies in December 2020. Below are the positions currently available for you job seekers who are interested in developing your career with PPT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk with the following qualifications.

Job Vacancies at PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk

Warehouse Admin


  1. Men
  2. Maximum age of 30 years
  3. Diploma in all majors
  4. Freshgraduate
  5. Carmat and conscientious
  6. Placement: Sorowako